On June 7, 2005, my 14-year old son, Michael, was the victim of what is referred to as a  near- drowning  on
Okaloosa Island, near the Four Points Sheraton, in Fort Walton Beach, FL.  He had stopped breathing and
was in cardiac arrest. Thanks to the heroic efforts of Deputy Jeff Morgan of the Okaloosa County Sheriff's
Department, Michael was resuscitated. He was flown to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola via Lifeflight.  He
was placed on a ventilator and emergency personnel at the hospital rushed to save his life.  A routine blood
sample was taken to check for drugs or alcohol.  His blood alcohol reading came back at 0.32.  0.32 is
unconscious, 0.5 is dead.

He was left with brain damage.  He cannot walk or talk. He is fed through a feeding tube surgically implanted
in his stomach. He cannot do anything on his own. He is unaware of his surroundings. His body is
deteriorating daily because he is bedridden.  

Furnishing alcohol to minors is a misdemeanor in the State of Florida. Look at the pictures then tell me this
is a misdemeanor. Better yet, come over to my house and spend the week with us. Talk to him, knowing that
he won't answer. Ask him to do something, knowing that he can't.  Give him formula through his feeding
tube. Change his diaper.  Put on his leg and arm braces that combat atrophy. Load him into his wheelchair.
He grew up in this house and now he does not even know that he is home. Watch my whole world lie in that
bed wasting away. Watch me die a little more each day.

Three employees of the  were arrested for their part in this; two 16 year olds and one 19 year old bartender,
all employees of the Four Points Sheraton. Yeah, you can tend bar in the State of Florida at the age of 18.

I will be updating this site daily with Michael's condition if you care to check back.

Thank you so much for you words of kindness, prayers and emails. We are deeply touched.

Michael and Dave