April 24

Michael had Occupational Therapy with Elizabeth, the Elks Lodge furnished therapist, yesterday. He received
some range of motion and worked on his sitting balance. He did good, but it took three of us to get him in
position; he's a big boy.

Michael will receive his botox injections and have his baclofen pump refilled tomorrow. The swimming program
starts at Silver Sands School this week. Hopefully, he will be able to get in the pool a couple a times a week.

It seems we have won the battle with Blue Cross Blue Shield on all fronts.  Our main stumbling block was our
inept case manager.  I have found that going around her is the only way to get things done. It sure makes me
miss Ursula at Cigna.

April 20
Michael is doing well.

It appears that Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey made a "mistake."  They will pay for Michael's formula after
all.  Funny that they did not discover their "mistake" until I pushed the issue.  The case manager is mad at me and
now takes a little attitude when we talk. As long as she does her job, I don't care how she feels about me. We still
have other issues that we are trying to resolve, such as the wheelchair and stander, but we'll get there.

April 17

No changes in Michael as of yet. I have been sidetracked with other issues lately, so my projects have been put on
hold. However, I hope to have Michael in his hyperbaric chamber this week.

The battle with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey has begun.  They refuse to pay for Michael's only
source of nutrition and I refuse to accept that.  I have escalated the issue and will keep pushing it as long as

April 13
I will be requesting a new case manager with Blue Cross Blue Shield today; our present one is useless. I'm not sure
what her job is, but I do know it does not include helping us.

I saw on the news today that there is a bill being introduced that recommends reducing funding to the Agency For
Disabled Persons in Florida, more good news.

April 11
Michael  woke up several times last night because of the Ambien I gave him. Even though it is a sleep aid, it tends to
fire him up instead.

The therapist with The Elks Lodge came over yesterday afternoon. She seems to be a really good person and a
great therapist. She will see Michael once a week for the next 6 months at no cost to us.

No real improvements in Michael yet.

April 8

This is what a $8,218.00 wheelchair looks like. It is not a power chair, it does not hover above the ground, and it is
not made of gold, but the manufacturer, Quickie, feels that it is worth over 8 grand. Michael needs a new chair, but it
will have to wait thanks to the sub standard coverage of Horizons Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey.  If you
can't screw people in need, what's the point of being in business?

Michael has been assigned a Developmental Disabilities Support Coordinator with the Agency For Persons With
Disabilities.  We are on the waiting list, that's a start.

Michael is doing ok. He has been extremely noisy in the wee hours of the morning. No major improvements yet.
April 2007
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