April 2008
Past Updates

Michael is doing well; growing like a weed.  He weighs in at about 180 pounds and stands over 5'9".  He is still very

We made it to the dentist a couple of weeks ago and he behaved for the most part.  He tolerated the cleaning, but
had about enough of it by the time the hygienist wanted to put fluoride on his teeth. It took three of us, but the
fluoride treatment got done.  There was a couple of sores on the inside of his lip that looked like it was caused by
his teeth, but the dentist wanted to follow up on it to make sure it was not oral cancer. It was two weeks of me
thinking that he survived all the he has for three years just to be taken out by oral cancer.  He had his follow up a
couple of days ago, no cancer.  

Michael had his last therapy session with Elizabeth, the Elk Lodge furnished therapist on Wednesday.  She has
been a great help and we will miss her.  We are very grateful to the Elks and Elizabeth.  Jennifer, the speech
therapist is will be around for another month.

Not much going on at school other than budget cuts. Someone made the decision that the school can no longer
afford Pat, the guidance counselor.  She will be transferred to another school.  Pat is one of my favorite people at
Silver Sands School and I hate to see her go; I think it is a bad decision.  As much as I hate writing these days, I will
be penning a letter to the School Board expressing my displeasure with their decision.

Michael's 17th birthday was on the 26th of march.  There was no celebration.  

Brought Michael to the dentist, Erin Sutton, on Friday for his checkup. The office was closed. We waited for a while,
as did another patient. Eventually we left. It goes without saying, but I'm not happy. Of course, if we did not show
for an appointment, they would have charged us because their time is so valuable.  Well, these days, my time is
worth much than theirs.  Time to find a new dentist.


April 20th
Michael is doing well.  He is extremely active these days and it is difficult to keep him in his recliner. He swings his
legs until he is sideways in the chair. He is trying to roll. He likes to roll from his side to his back then from his back
to his side when he is laying on the floor. He gives himself a great workout.

His head control has improved and he keeps his head up more.  The head is the key to balancing; once head
control is achieved, the rest of the body follows.

We brought Michael to a park a few weeks ago that was by the water. He was very relaxed and fell asleep. His
Grandparents, Vince and Sue, drove from Pensacola to visit him and he slept through most of the visit.