February 2008
Past Updates

February 17, 2008

Sorry it has taken so long to do an update, but  it is one of the hardest things I have to do. Not sure why. It could be
that I’m exhausted,  beat down or maybe on some subconscious level, I don’t want to share our lives with the
world anymore. Whatever the reason is, I will try to play through it.

Michael has been sick this week. Not sure if it is allergies or a cold, but the poor kid has been suffering with a
stuffy nose, a little fever and a lot of sneezing.   It has made for some sleepless nights, checking on him with every
sneeze or cough.  He has improved enough over the last year and will roll onto his side when he coughs, so I    don’
t worry so much about him aspirating, but I still check on him. With the help of Dimetap, he is doing better.   Maybe
I’ll put him on Claritin until the pollen subsides.

He is still receiving therapies from Elizabeth and Jennifer.  Elizabeth is impressed with his sitting balance.  He has
really improved in this over the past few couple of months.  She has also noticed how much he fights when he is
getting worked out.  He wears us out as much as we do him.  I have the prescription for him to receive a modified
barium swallow test. I will try to set up for this coming week.  Hopefully we can start feeding him soon.

The day before we left China, I received Michael’s CT films, EEG, and blood test results.  Nothing was
extraordinary except for one blood test, AFP.  It was hundreds of times higher than a normal reading.  I compared
the results to the test taken when we first arrived in China.  This one was in the normal range. I researched it and
found that AFP is a protein that is normally present at high levels in the blood of fetuses but disappears shortly
after birth. If it is found in the blood of adults it suggests they may have liver cancer, or other cancers such as
testicular or gestation trophoblastic neoplasms. It can also be found in the blood of pregnant women if the placenta
has become damaged.

After reading this, my first thought was that Michael had liver cancer brought on by the stem cell injections. I
thought that I had given him a death sentence by trying to save him. I talked to Dr. Hong and asked her about the
test results.  She said that the levels would be high because, he was just implanted with umbilical cord cells.  She
said it is normal in stem cell transplantation and that there was nothing to worry about. I had never been so
relieved in my life. Dr. Hong is really a good doctor and a hell of a nice person; I do miss her as well as the rest of
the gang.

I will try to update more often.

Thanks for checking in. Take care.