June 2008
Past Updates

Father's Day 2008.  I remember 3 years ago today, Michael was in Sacred Heart's Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. That
was the day that he was removed from the ventilator. He was able to breathe on his own. I remember that day
because it was the day that he opened his eyes.  We've been through a lot since then.  

Father's Day isn't the same as it used to be, but I am still thankful that I have Michael here to share it with.

Here is the link to Ethan and his family as promised.

Take care and Happy Father's Day,


3 years since Michael's drowning. 3 years ago he was 14 years old.  3 years ago, he was dragged out of the Gulf of
Mexico with a .32 blood alcohol content. Not a day goes by since it happened that I don't want to die; the pain is
that bad. Of course, I would not be here for Michael if I was dead, so I keep going.  

Brought Michael to the neurologist for his botox injections and baclofen pump refill this week.  The waiting room
was full and people began telling their stories.

A lady was there with her adult daughter.  She told us the story of how she ended up in her condition.  It seems
that seven years ago, her estranged husband waited for her to get home with their 2 year old daughter.  He
greeted her with a gunshot to the head.  He followed this by killing his daughter, then shooting his son. He then
turned the gun on himself.  He died two days later.  The lady suffered a severe brain injury. The boy survived but
is now paralyzed.

There was also a young man there that had been in a car accident.  The few minutes that I spent with them, I was
able to tell the total dedication that the parents have for their child; but I could also see their pain.  I could tell how
special this young man was and that he had a heart of gold.  

It was an emotional visit and I had to fight back the tears.    

As we were leaving, we  ran into Ethan and his parents.  Ethan's story is one of success. He is a hypoxic injury
survivor.  His Mother has started a blog. I will post the address soon.

Regular school is out for the year, but summer school starts next week.  It is only 3 days a week, but every little bit
helps. Paying for daycare is not cheap.

I had Michael in the pool last weekend.  It is really a wading pool, only 30 inches deep.  I get in it with him to hold
him.  Not much room, but he seems to enjoy it.    

I will be updating more often, so check back.

Tell your kids that you love them. Spend a little time with them today.