March 2008
Past Updates

March 22

Michael is doing well; he seems happy most of the time. His allergies flare up once in a while, but Claritin seems to
help.  It seems that the pollen is worse this year.  There seems to be a blanket of it on everything. Maybe the
plants are tired of being overran by civilization and are fighting back by producing more pollen to survive.

Michael ate some Graduates cereal last weekend. It is a cereal designed for infants. He seemed to enjoy the
banana flavor.  We bought him some  marshmallow Peeps to try, but they are rapidly disappearing due to me
eating them.  I will try to save him one or two.

We have incorporated The Bean into his workout routine.  It helps him with him sitting, balancing, and stretching.
His new hand splints have not worked out well, but we'll figure it out.  

                                                                               The Bean

School is status quo; nothing new.