August 2008
Past Updates
November 10

Michael is doing well these days.  He has had his flu shot for the season and had his semi-annual dental checkup.  
The flu shot visit was uneventful; however the dentist visit was tiring.  Michael did not cooperate and it took four of
us to get the job done.  We were all sweating at the end of the visit.  He has a wisdom tooth coming in, other than
that there were no problems.

He is very active and still enjoys rolling on the mat.  You don’t want to get in his way during this time or you’re
liable to wind up with a kick in the face.  He still gets in his stander every day for 36 minutes.  He does well most of
the time; some days are easier for him than others.  His sleeping schedule is still pretty much the same; waking
up a few times during the night.

Not much going on at school.

We have decided not to go to China this Christmas.    Many factors influenced our decision;  lack of money, time,
and energy were the top three. We may try to go in a few months.

September 10

Michael is doing well these days. He is as healthy as a horse and about the size of one.  He is scheduled to visit his
neurologist next week for botox and baclofen injections.   

Thankfully, the recent tropical storms/hurricanes have not hit our area.  If one does choose to visit us, we will not
evacuate, we will ride it out.  Whenever it is hurricane  season, I think about  riding out a hurricane at Sacred Heart
with Michael in 2005.   It was right after his drowning and I was an emotional mess.  I will never forget the kindness
of the staff of the Hospital; don’t know if I would have made it without them.

We haven’t decided whether we will go back to China this year.  Michael weighs close to 200 pounds and I’ve aged
20 years since last December.  The thought of going through customs, immigration, transferring him from
wheelchairs to plane seats and the long flights does not appeal. However, I would walk through the streets of hell
to give Michael a chance at a normal life, so we will probably be in Hangzhou for Christmas.  

August 23, 2008

Brought Michael to Sacred Heart to have his G-Tube installed.  The Doc had to stretch the hole in his abdomen buy
inserting increasingly larger diameter of stainless steel rods in it.  He hated this and became very vocal.  He pulled
the new tube out within two days of having it installed.  I was able to re-install it without any problems.

School started back last week. The first couple of days were not exactly smooth.  We had some bus scheduling
problems and I had to take him to school two days in a row.  It is straightened out now and I do not expect any
further  problems.  Not thrilled by a couple of things going on at school, but I will address them next week.  

Michael weighed in at 199 pounds at school.  Don't know if I believe that or not; I would put him closer to 185. He's
still a big boy.

Had my gallbladder yanked out yesterday, so Dana is picking up the slack for me for a couple of days.