January 31,2006

It took Michael a while to fall asleep last night, but once he did, he slept through the night.  He was very active at lunch when I went to visit
him.  He moved around so much on the inclined mat that he was on, that the friction caused two blisters on his back.  They popped and look
very painful.  He could not tell us that he was in pain, because he cannot communicate with us.  11 months 29  incarceration is not enough.

Michael consumes 3000 calories in the form of high caloric formula, and gets  1500  mls of water each day.  He is NPO,  meaning that he
cannot take anything by mouth; he can't swallow when he supposed to.   All of his nutrition is given via his G-tube.   We run his feeds at 250
mls per hour. Each can contains 250 mls. He consumes 6 cans a day.  This means that he is hooked up to a feeding tube for over 6 hours a
day. I guess he doesn't have much else to do.  He won't be going to the mall, visiting friends, or riding his bike.  Even if he could swallow, he
couldn't hold a fork or spoon, because his hands are tightly fisted.  He may not ever be able to eat again.  11 months 29 days; too harsh of a
sentence?  I don't think so.  

We are waiting for the next court date for the modification of sentence hearing; we are used to waiting.  In the meantime, we are getting
ready for our other day in court, February 8, 2006.  This is for the other person that brought the vodka to the party.  Open court, everyone is

Michael's pulse-ox went off several times last night.  He had a little bit of sleep apnea, so his oxygen level dropped.  I had to wake him to get
him breathing normally again.  

Michael was laughing a lot today.  His laugh is contagious, it is hard not to join in when he gets going.

Michael has only been receiving OT/PT once a week.  One hour a week does not benefit him much and considering the cost, $100 per one
hour session, we have decided it is not worth it.  We have equipment at the house and many months of experience watching therapists
work with him.  

We have heard from the beginning of this that there are all kind of government programs available to help us. This is one of the biggest
misconceptions there is.  Don't worry, your taxes are not supporting  Michael or us.  What insurance doesn't pay for,  comes out of our
pockets; for now.

Some of you think that 11 months 29 days in jail is an excessive punishment.  I wish Michael could trade places with any one of the people
on the beach that day.  I would much rather visit Michael in jail than have him in the shape he is in now.  

Jerrall, thanks for everything.
Lisa, Dana, and Ann,  I am sorry about your loss.  I hope that God gives you the strength to get through this.
David, welcome home, glad you're back.
January 29, 2006,

Michael woke up at about 12:30 AM and thrashed around for a couple of hours. He finally went back to sleep, but woke again at 6:00 AM. He
was full of smiles today. He was in his tilt table for a while and then had a bath.  I held his hand for about an hour and he seemed to like that.  
Touching is supposed to be good for brain injured people.  I know that it is great for caregivers.

I had the chance to ride my motorcycle for a little while yesterday.  It is not the same. Everywhere I rode, memories of Michael were there.
He  is all over this town; every park, every street, and especially the beach.  I rode past the beach resort where he was provided alcohol and
drowned.  I am beginning to hate this town.

I ran across this on the Internet:

To reduce the risk of anoxic brain damage:

* Chew your food carefully
* Learn to swim
* Carefully supervise young children around water
* Stay clear of high voltage electrical sources (including exposure to lightning)
* Avoid alcohol and illicit drugs

Can you think of anything to add to this list?  I thought of a couple of things and I bet you can figure out what they are.       
January  26, 2006,

Michael was tired and went to sleep early last night.  I think since Brooke takes him to the park these days, he is worn out at the end of the
day.  Nurse Donna was at school today subbing for Heather.  Donna is really a sweet person.  She connected with Michael from the very

Robert Lee is an unique individual.  He preaches against the alcohol industry, yet he is trying to help a bartender that is convicted of
providing alcohol to persons under 21 years of age and contributing to the delinquency of minors, get out of jail.  It sounds like Mr. Lee is
confused about the battle lines.  Pick a side and stick with it, Bobby.

Robert Lee, you have made it your business to enter our lives and try to cause us pain.  You treat this like it is a reality show or a game.  You
thought that you could hide behind the scenes and never be found out.  You run your mouth and think that you can change the world.  You
offered me $1000, I refused your money, when you hid behind an alias and called one of the judges a coward, I banned you from this site.  
Your feelings were hurt and your way of striking back is getting involved in this case.  Looking at the latest letter supposedly written by the
defendants Mother, it has your mark all over it.  It also has your name and fax number at the top.  You are not fooling anyone and you have
been exposed.   

Counselor, while you are eating your salad, pizza, or daily lunch special at your favorite Italian restaurant, think about my son eating his
lunch through a tube.  Think about why he is in that condition. When you drive by a school or playground and see children playing, stop and
take a good look.   Look deep inside your heart and ask yourself if you are doing the right thing.  Money is a necessity, but you cannot buy
peace.  You will one day be judged by a higher court; I hope that you have a good attorney.

I never got a chance to meet him, but I heard he was a great guy, goodbye, Hoppy.
January 25, 2006

Michael slept well through the night.  His pulse-ox went off a couple of times, but he kept on sleeping.  He went to school today.  Just to
clear things up about school.  Michael does not sit at a desk and learn different subjects.  He sits in special chairs or lies on mats.  He gets
repositioned to prevent skin break down.  He gets his diapers changed when he soils them.  Don't get me wrong, the staff at Silver Sands is
the best and can't be beat. This town is lucky to have a place like this. I just don't want anyone to get the wrong idea about Michael's
condition.  He is severely brain damaged and cannot even follow one step commands.  This is his life.  

By now, you all know why Michael is in this condition.  Of course, you have only heard part of the story, not all the little details; yet.  The
whole truth needs to be put out there for all to see.  You need to hear all sides of the story, not just mine.  You need to read the statements
from the defendants.  You need to read the statement from the deputy on the scene.  You need to read the investigator's findings.  Know the
facts, then make the decision who is guilty and who is innocent.  Read every detail and then decide if 11 months 29 days is an unjust
punishment.  I am really interested to see what you feel after you read the reports.  I have nothing to hide and no one else should either if
they are innocent.  We all want the truth, we all want justice.

To see what the latest is on the legal front, visit www.clerkofcourts.cc . Go to "Public Records".  Next go to "Criminal Records".  Accept the
terms.  Do a search on case number "2005 MM 002892 S".  You can see what motions are filed, when the next hearing will be and many
other things.

Remember this post from Robert Lee as he was using an alias? :

I have great compassion for Michael. As for Michael's father, what he wants is revenge. What he is doing is vengeful and hateful. There are
those who have forgiven in exactly this kind of situation. As for a Judge Heflin's sentence, it is gutless catering to the mob and politics;
intentionally ignoring a far more informed decision from the juvenile authorities.

It seems that Bobby boy is using this case for his own agenda.  After reading the emails he sent to me, the posts that he put on the
message board, and the letters to the judges, he has some real issues. His beef is with the alcohol industry for some reason.  It sounds like
he has a lot of hate toward Judge Heflin.  I wonder if Judge Heflin is aware of Mr. Lee's feelings about him.   

Did you know that Robert Lee offered me $1000 in September.  I did not accept the money, it didn't feel right.  I made the right decision, I
would never be able to wash the filth from my hands.
January 24, 2006

Michael slept well through the night.  He slept until I had to wake him up to get him ready for court.

Court day; what a circus.  The judge denied the defense attorney's motion for a continuance.  He stated that  the defense had enough time
to prepare his case. He also stated that the there were too many emotions in this case and it was time to put it to rest.  The defense
attorney and the prosecutor approached the bench to discuss something.  Michael became very uncomfortable at this time, so Brooke and
I took him outside.  As we were trying to get him comfortable, the courtroom began to empty.  It appears that the judge denied the
modification of sentence.  We anticipate the defense to go to the next level and we are prepared for that.

I think we saw Robert Lee today.  If it was him, he helped us open the courtroom door and was very cordial.

I wish I would just wake up from this nightmare. I wish Michael was whole again, I miss him.  I wish the pain would go away. I wish it would
all go away.

January 23, 2006

Michael's day consisted of going to school, speech therapy and a park with Brooke.  Ms. Cori, his teacher, said that Michael was a little sad
today.  It is all part of the healing process. In speech therapy, he was exposed to different smells, including vinegar and peanut butter.  He
responds to noxious stimulation by turning away from the offensive odors.  

Our bartender changed attorneys; no surprise there.  Her new attorney filed for a continuance; another surprise. We will find out what will
happen tomorrow.   I will be there at 9:00 AM, looking for my new best friend, Bobby Lee.  We have a lot to talk about.
January 22, 2006

Not much going on today.  Michael had a bath and was up in his tilt table for a while.  He showed sadness this morning and cried a little.  I
have not seen that in a  long time and it broke my heart.  However, since he is showing some emotion, that is a good thing.  He made up for
the sadness by smiling and laughing this afternoon.

On Tuesday, 9:00 AM, the bartender will be brought into the courtroom in her jumpsuit and shackles for her appeal.  Her attorney will try
everything to convince the judge that it was an unjust sentence.  I am sure that Robert Lee will be there since he has nothing else to do with
his time.  I originally was not going to go, because  I get no joy in seeing families destroyed.  However, I will be there in case Mr. Lee has
something to say.  

The defense will pull  the old " blame the victim" angle. It is easy to attack a severely brain damaged child that cannot defend himself.  
Maybe tactics like that are acceptable in Croatia, counselor, but here in America, you better have your facts straight.  Don't say something
that is going to make you look foolish; the world is watching.

I'll see you on Tuesday, Robert, don't disappoint me.

January 20, 2006

Kind of a down day.  I see Michael all the time, but after I dropped him off at school I began to miss him. I hurt for him ever day. No matter
how much I do for him, it is never enough.  I know it sounds strange, but you have to understand that he's my boy.

I ran into a friend of mine at Wal-mart and he was telling him about his son. He starts a new  job next week. He will be making  good money,
has a fancy title, and a new car. His father is very proud of him.  I thought about Michael lying around, unable to speak, walk, or eat.  I
thought about how hard it must be for him and how he has never given up. I thought about the courage he must have to face each day.  I
realized just how proud I am of my son.

Michael's G-tube started leaking around the seal.  Not an emergency, but formula leaking on his skin can cause breakdown.  His
pediatrician could not help. Ft. Walton Beach Medical Center did not have the correct type of tube, Sacred Heart came to the rescue, but this
requires us to drive an hour one way to the emergency room to have it replaced.  It is a 5 minute procedure, but it will probably take half a
day including travel time and waiting.  Nothing is ever easy.  Don't take anything for granted, folks.
January 19, 2006

Michael had school, physical, occupational, and speech therapy today.  I finally had the opportunity to meet Stacy, the speech therapist.  I
wish I had half of her energy and enthusiasm.  She is very knowledgeable and Michael works well with her.

You never know how difficult it is to get someone around in a wheelchair until you are faced with it.  Ordinary doors become obstacles.
Trying to open a door while maneuvering a wheelchair is a real challenge. I was informed this week that Silver Sands School will be
installing an automatic door to make it easier for the parents and children that attend the school.  

It is really amazing the good people that you meet in the worst of times.  One of the many families that  touches our lives is Ethan's family.  
Ethan is recovering from a brain injury and his family has enough love and support not only for him, but for us as well.  Mary Jo visited us
while we were at CHOA, Cherri, Jim, and Seth have visited and have never shown up empty-handed. They  always bear delicious treats that
are greatly appreciated.  Mary, over in Valparaiso, stays behind the scenes, but never lets us forget that there is someone greater than all
of us.  I wonder if Ethan's family are distant relatives of the Whites from Australia.

I will address the Robert E. Lee issue again tomorrow.  

January 17, 2006

Back to school for Michael today.  Since we are taking a break from HBOT, we get to sleep in , which is nice.  After school, Michael had
speech therapy with Tracy. It was bath night and he has been very calm since.  

Last week I told you about a Robert Lee that has decided to stick his nose into our business.  Looking back at the message board, there
was a R Leeiv ( Rob L.), that posted a lot of his drivel about how the alcohol industry is responsible for the evil in the world.  When every  one
ignored him, he then attacked me.  That didn't work either, the visitors of this site came to my defense.  After pouting for a while, he
changed his user name and attacked Judge Heflin. Since I track IP's, I knew it was Robert, trying to hide behind a false identity.  I banned
him from the site due to his actions. I cannot stand a coward.

Now, we have this  Robert Lee  writing demanding letters to the judges and has actually went down to the courthouse upsetting the people
at the Clerk's Office. When I say that he upset the people there, I mean he pissed them off. He did not ask politely for the information, he
demanded it.  He feels that the sentencing for the adult bartender is unjust and wants to change the world. His email address in his letters
contain "Destiniv".  It didn't take long to figure out that the "iv" in both R Leeiv and Destiniv, are actually the roman numeral "IV." (iv, IV, I
figured that one out all by myself. I didn't even have to load Scooby and Shaggy into the Mystery Machine to solve this case.) We know that R
Leeiv and Robert Lee are from Destin.  Doing a search on the internet, there is only one Robert Lee in Destin.  Actually his name is Robert E.
Lee IV. According to public records, he is 57 years old and married.  Further investigation through the State Bar of Georgia, he is an
attorney. Check out this link : State Bar of Georgia       He is still in good standing there, but this ain't Georgia. You have to pass the Bar to
practice in this state.  

I believe in freedom of speech, however, when people get into my business, they have crossed the line.  Robert has not met my son and has
not seen the condition he is in.  He does not have to change his diapers and watch him waste away every day. He does not  have to look into
his eyes staring blankly into space. His  whole world was not taken away from him.  He has not been put through the hell by the people that
provided alcohol to my 14 year old son. He attacks the alcohol industry, yet feels that it is acceptable for an adult to provide alcohol to
minors?   Someone is confused here.

You like to get involved, Robert, welcome aboard.  How do you like having your personal life put out there?  Your interest in this case is
disturbing.  Is there some sort of alcohol related incident in your past?  I'll find out.  It's just starting, Bob, can I call you Bob? Thanks.  The
spotlight is on you, Bobby. Showtime.  This is your life.

You can reach Robert L. Lee IV at reliv@iname.com. I heard he likes to be called Bobby. If he doesn't respond to you, let me know and I will
provide his other contact information.  Isn't this fun, Bobby Boy?  You should have used your spare time to play golf instead of getting into
my business.
January 16, 2006

I would like to apologize for getting off track over the past couple of days.  Thanks for your patience. This site is about Michael and Justice; I
will try to keep it that way.

Michael woke up at 4:00 AM wild-eyed and thrashing around.  I held him and tried to calm him down. It was as if he was having a nightmare.  
He eventually calmed down and went back to sleep. I hope that I am wrong and that he was not having any bad dreams. He has been
through enough and he deserves to be happy.

No HBOT or school today, but he did have speech therapy.  Stacy, the therapist is supposed to be really good with him.  I have not had the
chance to meet her yet, but hopefully I will this week.

Brooke brought him to the park. This is the same park that we used to go to  roller blade, play football, catch snakes, wrestle, and just
mess around.  Today, he was pushed around in his wheelchair.  Brooke said that he laughed and seemed to enjoy the outing.

Defense attorneys are really something else.  They don't really care about the truth or justice; they only care about getting their clients off.  
They will use any strategy to do this.  They will try to twist the story and make it seem like the victim is responsible.   The prosecutors only
have the facts to make their case.  Seems unfair, doesn't it?

Regardless of what happens in this case, I will make sure that everyone knows the truth.  I will tell you the facts of the day based on
eyewitness statements.  The truth is not going to be distorted and every guilty person will take their share of the blame.  Reading the
statements of the day chills me to the bone.  When I read the statement about Michael floating face down in the Gulf,  when I read about 3
adults drinking with children, when I read how these adults try to justify their actions, when I read about the vodka, I become physically ill.   

S, you posted a message on the board.  You have information about the facts of the day.  You visit this site. Email me.  Tell me what you
know.  You want to help bring all the guilty people to justice; do it.  You don't think it's fair for D. and C. to take the fall for all of this; I agree.  
Step up, help bring justice to all.

I am way behind on emails and I will get caught up soon.   I will have the message board up and running soon, also.
January 13, 2006

Michael had a good day.  He had his last HBOT session for a while this morning. Michael and my wallet need to take a break from
hyperbariacs. He has  plateaued and I have bottomed out. We will return soon.

Michael was very alert and  laughing when I visited him at lunch.  His eyes were bright and his laugh was real.  He is tired tonight and was
asleep by 8:30.  
January 12, 2006

The day started with HBOT.  Michael was very active while in the chamber. HBOT was followed by school.  

This afternoon, Michael had PT, OT and ST.  He was stretched, pulled, and yanked by the therapists. After therapy,  Brooke took him to the
park and she said that  he had a good time.  He laughed and seemed to enjoy the outdoors.  Brooke is going to take him out whenever the
weather permits.

He was doing some voicing earlier, but is very tired now.  I can use some sleep myself.January 11, 2005

Michael had HBOT this morning.  I know that the staff missed us because they harassed me and gave me a rough time.  It was all in good
fun and it really makes my day.  Bill made pralines from an old cajun recipe and made be beg for one.  I had to stand on my hind legs and
dance around.  Ok, he wasn't that mean about it, but I would have jumped through hoops for one of those treats.  These are really good
people and have become part of lives.  

Michael has improved a lot since we started HBOT. He smiles and laughs almost daily.  His eyes are bright and there is so much more
"Michael" in there.  He has had around 35 "dives". It seems that Michael has reached a plateau in his treatments.  The recommended
protocol is to take a break for awhile and continue in the near future.  He will then hopefully reach a new plateau.  I won't know what to do if
I don't have to get up at 2:30 AM to start his feeds.  Maybe I will try something new; sleep.  

I may not say much about Brenda, but believe me, that girl is carrying most of the load these days.  She takes care of so many things
making our lives so much easier.  If it wasn't for her, I would have quit a long time ago. I do not do this alone, she is always there.  She is my
ex-wife, my friend, Michael's Mother, and my support system.  She is one hell of a person.  Thank you, Brenda, for everything.  I hope that
Michael knows how lucky he is to have you for a Mom.

January 10,2005

Michael had HBOT this morning.  We had to miss it yesterday because his feeding pump quit working. It is necessary for him to have
nourishment prior to therapy to keep his glucose levels in range.  We got back on track thanks to Dee Dee and Pfieffer Medical; they both
provided a pump to us.

Michael has a new teacher at school, Miss Corey. She is really nice and has a lot of experience. He also has a new speech therapist that
Brooke really likes.  I haven't said it in a few days, but Brooke is one of the best things that ever happened to Michael.  

This site is real life. What you read is what I am feeling. I don't sugarcoat it, I put it out there for all to see.  I may have bad days where it is
hard to go on, but I will never quit.  When I think that I can't take another step, I look at Michael and realize that I can go forever.  Despite the
pain, the fatigue, the pressure, I get up and continue the fight.  Those of you that are worried about me, it is unnecessary; this is the only
thing that I am good at. This is why I was born -- to be a Dad.  I suck at everything else; always have.   If you have a prayer to spare, please
don't waste it on me, give it to Michael, when he gets better, then I will heal.  Thank you for supporting us.

Please check out these site.  It is ran by a very dedicated husband.  www.debbierich.com

Take care,


January 9, 2005

Today,  the reality of the situation hit home. Today, I looked at my son and realized what I have lost.  Today,  I just wanted to cry.  Today is
like every other day.

Take care,

It seems that we have someone that has sour grapes and too much time on their hands.  Remember Rob L. from Destin?  He was the one
that was trying to use this site as a sounding board against the alcohol industry.  He attacked me, but that is expected on this site. He then
used a different name and attacked Judge Heflin because of his sentencing of one of the juveniles.  I think he referred to Judge Heflin as a
coward.  My name is all over this site, I put our lives out there for all to see and I don't hide behind an attorney.  I expect people that use the
message board to at least use their real first names.  Don't be a coward, if you have something to say, let everyone know who you are.

Now we have a Robert Lee from Destin that has filed correspondence in the latest case.  It is a matter of public record.  We read his first
letter and it was the same drivel that Rob L. from Destin posted here.  He of course, attacked the alcohol industry and then the justice
system. He has filed at least two letters to the judge. Rob L. from Destin, Robert Lee from Destin; coincidence?  I don't think so.  Me thinks
we are dealing with the same person.

The adult that was convicted and sentenced for her part in Michael's drowning is appealing her case. The hearing is scheduled for January
24, 2006.   She was convicted with providing alcohol to minors and contributing to the delinquency of minors. She was employed as a
bartender right until her incarceration.  She received 11 months 29 days jail time and 11 months 29 days maximum probation.  A small
price to pay for the damage that occurred that day.  

As part of the appeals process, anyone is permitted to send a letter to the judge. Since Robert Lee from Destin has the need to put his two
cents worth in, I am asking all of you to do the same.  Write a letter to the judge and give your thoughts about her sentencing.  Those of you
that know Michael or us, know that our lives have been destroyed.  Whether you are a friend of Michael's, a teacher, a bus driver, or just
someone that knows that adults that provide alcohol to minors should be punished, write a letter.  

I will provide the address where you can send your letters.  In addition, since Robert Lee wants to be in the limelight, I will provide his
contact information as well.  I'm sure that he won't mind. Public records can be a double-edged sword, Robert.  You want to be part of the
drama, we will put you right in the middle of it.  

For those that don't know, public records for Okaloosa County can be found at   www.clerkofcourts.cc.   You can check criminal records,
traffic tickets, property purchases, marriages, divorces, and all kinds of stuff on this site. Check it out and have fun.  

I watch Michael day after day lie there in his bed, not saying a word, not responding to anything I say.  His hands are tightly fisted and he
cannot control his bladder or bowels.    I change his diaper, I put him in his wheelchair, I take him to a special needs school because
someone provided alcohol to him.  My relationship, financial status, job, physical and mental health have suffered due these people. I no
longer look forward to the future; I have none.  Each day is a challenge just to get out of bed.  My reason for living was taken away from me
on June 7, 2005. Am I supposed to forgive and forget? Am I supposed to accept that someone took the most important thing in my life from
me?  Should I have turned my back so that this could happen to someone else's child?  Or am I supposed to do everything that I can that
make sure that these people are brought to justice?  Isn't that my job?  Michael  may have made the decision to drink alcohol on June 7,
2005, but he would not have had a decision to make if there was no alcohol provided.  The law was broken and people will go to jail.  Justice
is the name of the game.  We have faith in our Justice system and are confident that it will prevail.  

Robert Lee's  interest in this case is disturbing.  There must be some skeletons in his closet.  I am on a quest to find out what they are.  I
will share whatever information that I find with you.   For those of you that want to keep up on this case, the  Case number is  2005 MM
002892 S.  Remember, www.clerkofcourts.cc.  

Take care,


Take care,
January 6, 2005

Michael had a pretty good day.  It started with Hyperbaric treatment followed by school.  He had speech therapy while at school. The
therapist worked on vocalization using vibrations to the jaw and throat  area and thorasic/diaphragm pushes.  He made several sounds.
Most were short in duration with not much pitch change. A cold spoon was used to stimulate his tongue.  This elicited four spontaneous

He has been vocalizing for the past hour.  He is extremely  noisy.  He is giving himself speech therapy, I guess. He seems to be in a good
mood tonight, which is always a good thing.   

No HBOT tomorrow, so we get to sleep in.

Thanks to all of you and take care,
January 5,2005
HBOT, school, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy today.  Michael had a full schedule today.   He is in pain and is
very miserable now. He cannot tell me where the pain is coming from.  It could be anything from a muscle cramp to the most unimaginable
pain that one can suffer.  I can't help him if I don't know what is wrong. Those of you that think a year in jail in unreasonable, come watch
Michael writhe in pain with me helpless to help him. Those of you who think that the punishments that have been handed down is unjust,
spend a few minutes with Michael.

The West Virgina miners and their families have our deepest sympathy and are in our prayers.  To emphasize that we are not the only ones
that believe in hyperbaric treatment , the following  was sent from Michael's grandfather, Vince.

"The sole survivor, 26-year-old Randal McCloy, remained in critical condition in a coma, struggling with the effects of oxygen deprivation to
his vital organs. Doctors said he may have suffered brain damage. On Thursday afternoon, he was moved from a hospital in Morgantown to
one in Pittsburgh for hyperbaric oxygen treatment."  

I will catch up on the emails soon, I promise.

Take care,

January 4, 2005

Michael is going through his daily laughing spell.  It has been going on for the past hour and half.  This is something that started since he
began HBOT.  People ask me if he is improving, I tell them that he is; slowly.  It has been seven months and he still does not walk, talk, eat,
speak, or do anything on command, but he is going to some day.  I never tell myself that this is the best that it gets.  I keep telling myself
"day by day."  I am realistic about things and never try to fool myself, but I think that Michael will one day come back.  If I don't keep thinking
that, then I would go insane.  He is down, but never count him out.  He has something that many kids don't have; his parents undying love.  

Take care,

January 3, 2005

Michael had HBOT this morning.  This was his 30th dive. The improvements that he has made is amazing.  After hyperbaric treatment he
went to school. This is his first day back this year.  It was good to see the Silver Sands staff again. When  I went to visit him at lunch,  he
was smiling and trying to voice. I always tell him if he wants me to take him home, just say the word.  Nothing yet, but one day, he will say
the words.  One day he will be able to tell us what really happened on the beach that day.

Brooke took him to speech therapy today, but was not allowed to go into the room during the session.  This is unusual as normally she
watches and helps the therapist. This will not happen again.  Brooke cares very much about Michael,  and she will be allowed to
accompany him in any therapy.  Guess I will have to make a phone call tomorrow.

Check out the message board where Brenda has addressed the comments of Jan, who sees things a little differently than we do.  

Take care,
January 2, 2006

Sometimes I lose sight of why I started this site.This website was founded to ensure that the people that supplied alcohol to my son,
allowed him to enter the Gulf of Mexico and drown, are brought to justice.  Sometimes I question the things that I do.  Sometimes, I think
that I go to the extreme in my quest. Sometimes, I think that I should have more compassion.  Then  I watch his Mother break down
because it is killing her, I look in the mirror seeing  the old man with the lifeless eyes staring back at me.   I see Michael in a diaper, drooling
on himself,  not knowing if he even knows where he is at, then I realize I have not done enough.  I watch Michael die daily and  the parents of
the guilty are worried that their kids may spend a year in jail?  It makes me sick.  Two down,one to go. 2006 is the year of justice.  Sweating
it a little, ain't ya, son?  Too scared to watch your friends get shackled and hauled off to jail.  Still hiding, still mute, still going to jail. February.

Happy New Year,


January 1, 2006

Michael spent some time in his stander, his recliner, and his bed today.  He was in a good mood and went through an hour long laughing
and smiling spell.  He will return to school and therapies on Tuesday.  Monday will be another HBOT session.

It is January already; a new year.  This year has got to be better than the last one.  

Take care,

January 2006
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