July 30
Michael is doing well. Elizabeth, his occupational therapist, said that his sitting balance is improving, so she wants
to incorporate a ball into his routine. He will sit on the ball with assistance so that he can try to control his upper
body. Of course, this will be conducted on a mat for safety reasons.  

Jennifer, Michael's speech therapist, has recommended placing food into a mesh material and allowing him to get
used to the taste of food. He had some Jell-o and seemed to enjoy it.

His right hand does not stay as tight as it used to.  Much of the time, it is relaxed and somewhat open.

July 22

We received a card from the gang at Sacred Heart last week.  They are a great group of people and I will never
forget the care that they gave to Michael. Second to none.

Brooke took Michael to a pool for a couple of hours on Friday. She said he had a good time.

Therapy and stimulation are very important for recovery.  We bought a whirlpool for Michael and as you can see
by the pictures, he both enjoys it and it relaxes him. It will become part of his daily routine along with range of
motion, working on sitting balance, and using the tilt table.

July 18

Michael did not cooperate for Jennifer, the speech therapist, yesterday. He appeared to be very tired and
preferred to rest and let her do all the work. He did better for Elizabeth, the OT, later in the day. It's hard to rest
when you're being pushed, pulled and twisted. He was then subjected to the stander when I got home.  After all
the hard work, I put him on his mat so that he could do some rollin'.  He rolled onto his stomach and managed to
roll onto his back after a few minutes.  It was no easy feat and required some thinking on his part. Every time I
see him roll, I think back to 2005, when he was at CHOA. They would roll him onto his side and help him roll onto
his back since he was unable to do it by himself. I attribute his progress to the stem cells.

July 16
The Agency for Persons with Disabilities sent a nurse to the house to evaluate Michael. We are trying to have a
nurse stop by once a month to check him out.

Michael will start seeing an Internist (A physician specializing in internal medicine) instead of a pediatrician. His
situation is different than most kids his age and he requires a doctor more familiar with his type of injury.

He continues to enjoy rolling from his back onto his side in bed. He does it with purpose; it is definitely a
conscious effort. This is something new and I consider it an improvement.

For the most part, he is sleeping better, falling asleep at about 10:00 PM. However, there are times, like last night,
when he will stay awake for hours.

July 8

Debbie Rich passed away early this morning. She lived with a TBI for four years. She left behind her daughters,
Krystal and Amber, and her husband and soul mate, Jerrall.  I am saddened by the news and my heart goes out to
her family.  

Michael is doing well. He is sleeping much better with his new bed.  He had the week off from school and had a lot
of outside time with Brooke.  He has been getting some pool time on the weekends; it is very good therapy for

July 4

I know I don't update as often as I used to, I guess I don't have the energy or maybe writing about the situation
forces me to think about things. I make it through the days by not thinking, just doing. When I sit down and try to
do an update, my mind goes blank and my fingers just don't seem to work. Besides, most of what I have to say is
better left unsaid.

Michael's recent medical tests indicate that he has a neurogenic bladder. The muscles and nerves of the urinary
system work together to hold urine in the bladder and then release it at the appropriate time. Nerves carry
messages from the bladder to the brain and from the brain to the muscles of the bladder telling them either to
tighten or release. In a neurogenic bladder, the nerves that are supposed to carry these messages do not work
properly. It is nothing to worry about, just something to keep an eye on.

Michael received his new wheelchair last week. It is a nice chair, but I hate it, he should not be in a wheelchair.

His therapies are going well. He responds well to the speech therapist and I think she gets a kick out of the way
he laughs and carries on. Occupational therapy wears him out, but it seems to be helping him.

He has become more active these days, rolling on his side whenever he is laying down. He could not do this in
his bed, however, since it is a hospital bed that it is only 36 inches wide.  We  bought him a queen size bed and he
seems to love it.  He rolls on his side and then on his back many times during the night. He gives himself range of
motion, well worth the money.
July 2007
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