June 24
Thanks to Elizabeth with the Elks Lodge, Michael now has a shower gurney. This will make life easier for us.
Speech therapy is going well, the therapist is trying to get him to chew, which is, of course, is an important part of
learning to eat.

Occasionally at night, I have to put Michael on oxygen because his levels drop. I am not overly concerned, it is
nothing that I cannot handle. However, insurance refuses to pay for the oxygen until they receive a letter of
medical necessity from his doctor.  His peditrician will not provide the letter until a sleep study is conducted.
Probably one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard and the sleep clinic agrees.

Michael has had a couple of medical tests recently and we will follow up with it on Wednesday. I will let you know
what is going on when I know more.

I am really behind on answering my emails, and for that I apologize. I appreciate emails and will answer soon.

June 17
Father's Day. Michael may not be able to call me 'Dad', or wish me 'Happy Father's Day', but at least we get to
spend the day together. It may not be the same as it used to be, we won't be going to the beach or going out to
eat, but it sure beats visiting him at a cemetery. Today is a gift, I have my son. Happy Father's Day.  

June 15
No major improvements yet.

Michael met with  a speech therapist furnished by the Elks Lodge this week. She was young and enthusiastic;  I
think she will work out fine. I will take him to get a swallow test done soon to see if he can start eating a little food.

Michael gets to get in the pool at least once a week at school and I put him in the pool at home on weekends. He
really seems to enjoy the water.

June 7
Today is two years since Michael drowned. Today was filled with sorrow and pain. Today was filled with
memories of Michael running, laughing, full of life. Today I stood over Michael's bed close to tears. Today was
filled with sadness for all that I lost. Today another little piece of me died. Today I realized how little my life has
come to mean to me. Today came and went without my miracle.  Today was like every other day for the past two
June 2007
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