Past and Present Medications

Bromocriptine -  Used to stimulate the brain and may help to control the storms by
controlling pulse, sweating, blood pressure.

Zantac- To prevent stomach problems, reflux, ulcers, etc.

Baclofen- Serious muscle relaxant. Reduces spasticity and helps controls agitation.

Colace- Stool softener. Being bed ridden and not being on a regular diet can cause

Geodan- To calm Michael down and allow him to sleep.

Clonidine Patch- Used to control his blood pressure especially during storms.

As needed meds:

Ibuprofen and Tylenol- For pain relief. Michael cannot tell us when he is in pain, so it is a
judgement call.

Ativan- Similar to Valium. Relaxant. Controls the storms.

Propranolol- Beta- Blocker. Slows down the system. Helps controls agitaiton.

Torodal- Pain reliever. Somewhere between Motrin and Moriphine.
Michael's Meds