November 2007
Past Updates

November 23, 2007
Happy Thanksgiving to all. Nothing new around here. We are using this weekend to go over our checklist for our
trip to China.  Believe me, no matter how well you plan for a trip like this, you will forget something.

I wish that there was a guarantee that the stem cells will help Michael, but there isn't.  The only thing I know is that
it beats doing nothing.  The US will eventually catch up to the rest of the world in stem cell research, but we are
not going to wait; we don't have time.

Not much going on around here.  Michael received his flu and pneumonia vaccines last weekend. The time change
sucks; it is dark when we get home. This makes us all even more tired after a nine hour work day. Michael's
schedule is off as well.

Just over a month before we head to China. One of our friends has offered  to do a fund raiser for us. If you're
interested, here are the details:

Purchase Pampered Chef products in the month of November and Michael will receive 25% of your purchase
(before taxes and shipping). Go to this website Click on order products and enter
Michael Mobley as Host.

Follow directions for ordering.

If you want your order shipped directly to you, check direct shipping when checking out. Otherwise all orders will
be available for pickup from Vanessa Taylor at the Target parking lot in Mary Esther, FL, once the products have
been shipped to Vanessa. (You will receive a phone call to notify you of the date and time).

Book a Show and ¦Michael receives an additional $3.00!!!

All online orders over $40 will go into a drawing for $25 IN FREE PRODUCTS!!!

All orders need to be received by Wednesday November 28th, 2007


Vanessa Taylor
Independent Sales Consultant
The Pampered Chef
ph 850-862-1952

Order online 24/7 @

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