October 2007
Past Updates

October 31
Michael is doing well, he has so far managed to avoid the colds that we have had.  He will receive his flu and
pneumonia shots this weekend to help keep him healthy.

Speech therapy is going well and he was very cooperative during Jennifer's last visit. He is not talking yet but he
gets to taste some foods including candy and Slim Jims.  I bought him a box of chocolate covered cherries, but I
ended up eating them.  Come to think about it, the same thing happened to the bag of Twizzlers that I bought for
him.  He needs to hurry up and start eating, I'm getting fat.

Michael will be fitted for new AFOs (boots) in a couple of weeks.  His feet have grown and the pair he has now is
much too small.

There is still a few minor things left to do for our trip to China, but we are ready to go.  

October 17
Status Quo here.  Michael is doing well, no new improvements, but hopeful every day.  

Vince and Sue, Michael's Grandparents paid us a visit this weekend. They brought with them a church bulletin.
This is an excerpt from it:

Some doctors and ethicists claim that patients with dementia or in so called "persistent vegetative state" are no
longer really persons and that families should deny them even the most basic forms of nourishment and care. And
yet, however weak and vulnerable such patients may appear, they have the awesome power to inspire heroic,
sacrificial love from their family members and caregivers-- a power that can lead to the sanctification of those who
care for them.

October 7

Michael is doing well. He has been going to sleep at a decent hour for the most part.  He had his first visit with his
new doctor last week and everything went fine.  He will be getting a pneumonia and a flu shot soon.  

We have had issues with one of the companies that we deal with for Michael's supplies. They have been jerking us
around for some time now, so we are dumping them.  We are switching over to a local company. I hope we have
better luck with them.  

We now have all of the documentation required for our China trip. We also have 47 pounds of American food packed.  
We lost weight on our last trip, bet we put some on this time.

Michael's way of letting me know that he wants to roll on his mat is by swinging his legs wildly and becoming quite
vocal.  I have a feeling that he will be doing quite a bit of this on the plane; it ought to be a fun trip.

Including our upcoming trip, we will have paid $34,500 for two rounds of stem cells for Michael. Sounds like a lot of
money, but when I saw a commercial that stated a well equipped Hyundai Santa Fe costs $34,000, it doesn't seem
that bad.  I think that Michael is worth a little more than a SUV.