Michael and Brenda outside of CHOA
CNA Brooke using the dreaded Hoyer lift.
A gift for Michael from our friends down
under, the Whites.
Kathy and Cindy waiting to load Michael
onto the bus
Michael's first wheelchair.
The Mystery Machine
Michael wearing his new shoes
Flowers from Wright Elementary.
Michael about to have a bath in the EZ
Bath system.  
G-Tube. Only the button protrudes
from Michael's abdomen.
Here are a  couple of pictures of Michael in the hyperbaric chamber.  He is wearing the helmet to prevent
him from hitting his head when he is active.  As you can see, he was not active when these pictures were
taken.He is in the chamber for one hour per session. The chamber is pressurized to 1.5 atmospheres.
Gotta love that smile.  
Michael having a happy dream.
Sue, Vince, Michael, and Me.
Here's a short clip of Michael laughing. He
was also trying to talk in this session.
Michael and Brooke in the Mystery Machine
Donna on the left, Maw Maw on the right.
Where bad boys and girls go.
Michael in the pool at Silver Sands.
Michael's Photo Album