September 2007
Past Updates

September 25
Michael went to the dentist on Friday for his cleaning and check up .  He did not like the procedure and it took both
of us to hold him down.  His teeth look good and all is well.

Michael rolls to the left whenever he has room to do so. When I worked him out last night, I kept rolling him onto
his right side.  When I checked on him after I put him in bed, he was rolling to his right.  I watched him repeat this
several times. This is a first; a definite improvement.

Our China travel plans are going well with everything falling into place.

September 17
Michael is doing well.  He seems to be a good mood these days.

We are preparing for our trip to China. We have our tickets and have packed our food; no fish head soup for me
this time. Since this is a return trip, we know what to expect and what to prepare for.  Hopefully things will go
without a hitch. Transferring Michael from his wheelchair to the plane seat will be more of challenge on this trip
since he has gained weight and we have gotten older. Christmas in China; a new tradition?
September 11
We will be returning to China for  a couple of weeks in December for another round of stem cells. Michael has
shown enough improvement since his treatment last December that it is worth a follow up. I am not looking
forward to the long flight, it was rough last time, but we'll make it

September 3

Michael has been very energetic these days.  When he gets tired of sitting in a chair, he begins squirming and
flailing his legs around.  I think this is his way of letting us know that he is ready to roll around on a mat. He will roll
for hours, giving himself a great workout.  I think he is gaining a little more control of his muscles.

He is active in his whirlpool as well, kicking his legs as the jets of water tickle his feet.    

His sleep schedule varies; some nights he falls asleep early, other nights he keeps going.

After 27 years at Silver Sands School, Mr. Boutwell is calling it quits. He is a good guy and I hate to see him go, but
I wish him the best.