Throughout this terrible ordeal, there have many people that have shown themselves to be heroes.  
I would like to list some of them here.

Deputy Jeff Morgan of the Okaloosa County Sheriff's Department. Saved Michael' s life; I will forever
be indebted to him.  Thank you.

Okaloosa County EMS- These guys and girls bring 'em back and bring 'em in. They ride off into the
sunset and never get credit.  Thank you.

Lifeflight- Airborne Angels. I hated to hear the sound of your helicopter landing at Sacred Heart, it
meant that someone was injured. However, I knew that you were bringing them in alive and they had
a chance. Thank you.

Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola- Best care in the world. I made many friends there. The PICU staff
is the greatest. I miss them, they were my support group. Sorry I had to skip out on the bill, guys. Do
you take checks?  Thank you.

Michael Mobley- Refused to stay dead. Fights every day to come back. I have never seen anyone
fight so hard for anything in my life. Give 'em hell, buddy, you can make it.

The  People that came forward with information. Without them, arrests would not have been made. I
wish I could give them recognition, but I can't. Just know that I will never forget your kindness and
courage and I hope one day to repay you. Thank you.

Every person out there that prevents things like this from happening.  Every kid that does not
succumb to peer pressure. Every parent that tells their kids about the dangers of peer pressure.
You are heroes, to all of us. Thank you.

Be proud of what you do. We are proud of all of you.